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For Referring Physicians (System Navigation Referral)

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a System Navigator?

The Burlington OHT System Navigators provide assessment, referrals, and guidance with accessing community health and social service providers for members of the identified priority populations:

  • Older Adults
  • Mental Health and Addictions

How does System Navigation help?

It can be difficult for providers and clients to know all the health and social services that are available in the community. System Navigators help by understanding clients’ service needs, providing education on relevant services, and assisting with referrals and connecting to services as needed. To support clients with language barriers, translation and interpretation services are available to assist with the referral.

Is there a place where I can view the health and social service options available in the Burlington area?

For one-stop navigation of services available in Burlington and area, please visit:

  • Burlington OHT website at and click on “Navigate Health Services” in the top toolbar
  • Download and use the Burlington Health Navigator App – visit the Apple App Store or Google Play (depending on your device); search for Burlington Health Navigator and look for our bold, blue “B” icon

A System Navigator may assist with answering questions or connecting you or your client with
specific services listed through these online resources.

What is the Mental Health & Addictions Virtual Care Library?

The Virtual Care Library is a service facilitated by the Burlington OHT System Navigators. Community members with mental health and addiction concerns, referred to this service through a health or social care professional, receive a short-term tablet loan to help increase access to online resources and services related to mental health, addictions and wellness.

How can the tablet be used?

  • Accessing virtual educational materials on the topic of mental health, addiction, or wellness
  • Accessing virtual appointments or programming
  • The tablet will be pre-loaded with a catalogue which lists mental health, addiction, and wellness resources that clients may be interested in

Who should be referred for the Mental Health & Addictions Virtual Care Library?

Clients with:

  • An identified mental health and/or addiction concern and
  • An identified barrier to technology access, limited options to access a device and interest in accessing virtual resources and services

How does the service work?

  • Healthcare or social service provider refers a community member who meets the referral criteria
  • System Navigators connect with the community member to provide education regarding using the device and available virtual resources
  • No prior technology skills necessary! The devices have been configured for ease of use
  • The device includes a data Sim card for accessing the internet
  • The device is loaned for up to three (3) months

Who can submit a referral and how does this process work?

Providers of health or social care in Burlington and the surrounding area can submit a referral using either option below:

  • Option 1: Complete the “System Navigation Referral” form and submit by fax.
  • Option 2: Submit electronically via Ocean eReferral using the “Burlington Family Health Team – System Navigation” eReferral.

Who can I contact for more details?

You can connect with a System Navigator Admin via the intake line at 289-208-9619 or email with any questions.

To view this information in a pdf format, click here.