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We are pleased to offer you the aTouchAway Application (app) as part of the Burlington Ontario Health Team Remote Care Management Program.

aTouchAway allows you to connect with your healthcare team Monday to Friday 08:00 to 16:00, excluding Statutory Holidays in order to ask questions or receive reminders. The Community Remote Care Management team will not be monitoring or available on Saturday, Sunday or Statutory Holidays. Each day you will be asked to monitor your symptoms and vital sign readings – for example, blood pressure or temperature. These readings will be sent to your healthcare team within the application. If there are any changes identified during regular program monitoring hours as indicated above, a healthcare professional will call you using the video / call feature. If you choose to input your vitals on Saturday, Sunday or Statutory Holidays, there will be no follow-up to assess and provide input on your status until the next business day. Throughout the program you will also receive surveys. We would appreciate you taking a few minutes to complete the surveys to tell us about your experience. We value your input as it will help make the Program better.

The Burlington Ontario Health Team takes your privacy and its obligations under the Personal Health
Information Protection Act, 2004 very seriously. aTouchAway supports secure and confidential communication
between you, your family/other caregivers, and your healthcare team. Access to aTouchAway is linked directly
to your device and cannot be transferred to another device. Only people you have identified as contacts on
your consent form will have access to join you on this Program. In order to safeguard patient privacy and
confidentiality, if you suspect your tablet is lost or missing, please notify the central intake team at

For aTouchAway issues, please contact the Aetonix Technical Support team at 1-855-561-4591.
(08:30 to 17:00 Monday to Friday)

Please note that this program is not a replacement for urgent or emergent medical care. If you feel your health is at risk, please call 911 OR go to the closest hospital Emergency Department.